About Us

Teaching The Way through Literature and Play

Better Than Books Preschool is the dream of educator, Dr. Amber Lynwood, who decided to create a faith-based learning environment that adhered to her philosophy of education. She believes:

  • Every child has a distinct purpose and immeasurable potential, and is uniquely talented.

  • Children must be nurtured—spirit, soul, and body.

  • Literature presents powerful opportunities for children to learn all core subjects. (Yes, even math and science!)

  • Interactive, play-based experiences encourage optimal physical, social, emotional, language, and cognitive development.

  • Learning in community with other children enriches and accelerates the learning process.

Children three-to-six years of age (in preschool, pre-K/TK, or kindergarten) are taught core subjects through the use of carefully-selected, developmentally-appropriate literature.  Experienced teachers utilize teachable moments to help children discover new ideas, develop concepts, and practice skills through engaging in a variety of rich, creative learning opportunities. 

Better Than Books Preschool is a place where children’s lived experiences are truly ideal and therefore Better Than Books!  

Facility License #:  198020996

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